Over-all Introduction

The educational system in Holland has, to start with, been divided into schools for different age-groups (primary and secondary ecudation) and on the next level has been split into a division based on various educational predicates (general education, professional and scientific education). The systems of secondary and professional education have been regulated in such a way as to make it relatively easy for pupils to proceed their studies on a higher or different level. Furthermore schools in the Netherlands are either public schools, or they have a specific educational, denominational or religious background. 

Welcome to the Anna van Rijn College!

The Anna van Rijn College is a public school for secondary education situated in the very heart of the Netherlands, near the city of Utrecht, in the small town of Nieuwegein. Our assets are: working on a small scale principle, striving after a personal level of education for our pupils and creating an amiable atmosphere and offering individual guidance to every pupil personally. We set great store by internationally orientated education, both during and after lessons and for all pupils we offer opportunities to partake of bi-lingual tuition as well.

Internationally orientated and bi-lingual education

The world which we live in, is an international one. Our pupils must be prepared to live in such a world. Via internet, e-mail and Whatsapp they can make and retain contact with people on the other side of the globe quite as easily as with their fellow-students. Of course there are serious consequences to consider. In order to be able to handle the interaction with the world at large, it is paramount that the pupils will be broad-minded and learn to appreciate various ways of thinking: out-off-the-box, at an early age, from an international point of view.

By bringing our pupils into contact with other cultures inside and outside Europe, we teach our pupils to look beyond 'your typical Dutch attitude'. This is of the utmost importance, for not everything that is 'normal' from a Dutch point of view, will go without saying for others. We teach our pupils to learn how to deal with this delicate matter. We, the Anna, have been amongst the top of bi-lingual schools in Holland for more than 20 years and we participate in several international exchange programs. We work with partner-schools in Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway, Italy, Belgium and Denmark. And even in Rundu, a school in Namibia, for which we collect money and means. They use these funds to provide meals for pupils, to buy instructional materials, utensils and tools and also for entrance fees for students in order to enter into higher levels at educational institutions.

Our priority consists in offering all our pupils a vivacious and instructive program and therefore we organize international projects, exchange programs and excursions at all our subdivisions and departments. Our bi-lingual tuition definitely offers our most internationally orientated program. That is the reason why our pupils with their graduation papers, will also receive a certificate by NUFFIC, the organisation which coordinates international orientation in the Dutch educational system, in order to prove that they have had ample international experience, both on the basic and more advanced levels of their school careers.

We also offer our students the opportunity to study succesfully for a final international examination in English, which will prove that they have learned to master the English language well, at a high level.